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Mo Power Pulling Team
Clinton Co. 4-H 1/16 Scale Model Tractor Pulling Club

Engineering and Design

Welcome to the First 4-H Pulling Club of the 21st Century.

Just when you thought the 4-H club had a enough projects the Clinton County Indiana 4-H has started a new project. Starting in 2001 the Extension educator and a helpful volunteer set up a program to educate members of the project to build from scratch a 1/16 scale pulling tractor (Farm). At the completion of the first project year(2002) we had twenty three members complete the project.


Division 1

    There are three divisions of Model Tractor Pulling. All 4-H members start at the division one level regardless of age. For a fee  the members receive a length of aluminum rectangular box and the parts needed to assemble a pulling unit. Division one pullers also learn to pull using an electric motor as a power source.
      As for the tractor body itself any tractor whether comes off of a shelf at a dealer, out of a sandpile, from the toy box, or any other location the tractor doesn't have to be new, But it needs to be of 1/16 scale and have a front axle. 
       The 4-h puller and a parent or volunteer assemble the tractor body and the gear box under the standardized rule of eight inch wheel base and a overall length of 10.5 inches from the rear axle to front most part of the tractor (weight bracket).  
        New paint is allowed but chrome, decals, or paint other than stock aren't allowed in division one. Including aluminum wheels.
        A project sheet and a folder featuring the members project will accompany the tractor when judged for display. This will account for 25% of the members final project score. Actual pulling in two classes; 4# and 6# will account for the other 75% of the total score for a sweepstakes award. 


Division II

      When advancing to division two the 4-H puller will move into the world of Glow Fuel powered pulling.  The division two pullers will take the electric motors out of the tractors and make a hand starter out of the electric motor they pulled with in division one. then mount a .049 engine and fuel tank on the their puller. Decals,  fancy paint,  and chrome are allowed in division II.


Division III

    Division III is designed to allow the member to use their ingenuity to change the Division II pulling unit to a 3# and a 5# Pro Stock. Yes the name of the pulling unit in division III is designated Pro Stock. This  is to allow the addition of the 5# Super Stock class to really tax the pulling members engineering and design abilities. The two units will keep the member busy with their project and the project will only prosper.
    A project sheet and folder will accompany the project when judged for display.


  1. Other projects that will work with Model Tractor Pulling-woodworking and electric
  2. Mathamatical skills will be enhanced.
  3. Physics are used in the pulling of tractors.
  4. Parent /child relationships are reinforced.

For more info on 4-H Model Tractor Pulling contact the Rodfather on his contact page: